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Term 5  & 6 – History of British Clothing from 1066 to present

We have already covered The Middle Ages, Tudors, Stuarts and Georgians, and are starting to look forward to next term where we will be continuing to look at British Clothing right up to modern times. The children have enjoyed making small clay Puritans models from the Stuart period and some beautiful fans from the Georgian periods and we have lots more exciting projects planned for next term.

In Science, we have been looking at Sound and the children have made their own telephones this week, which you will pleased to know can’t take “Selfies”!!!

Term 3 –

We have all now settled into the new academic year and are working hard, but still finding time for a little fun!
In Science we set the children a challenge helping us to explore air resistance. The challenge was to make a parachute using limited materials which would safely carry a raw egg to ground. The children stepped up to the challenge and were on the whole successful, with only a few accidents!! 
We have also been looking at Rocks & Fossils and as a class carried out scientific experiments on a set of six rocks to find out some of their properties.