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Term 5 – The History of Sport

We have started our new topic and you will see that a display is being created of our work outside the classroom, the sports we will be covering are tennis, athletics, football and cricket. We will also be looking at the importance of healthy eating, we have already created 3D food plates which are on the display board. Please see below a gallery of photos which we will be adding to throughout the topic, currently you will see our first insights and attempts at French cricket. 

Term 4 – Rainforest Topic Finale

For the Finale of our Topic the children were set the Homework task of making a Rainforest Diarama. We were very proud of the amazing finished pieces that the children presented to the class. In a completely democratic vote each child voted for their winning diorama, although we think that they were all winners, the votes were added up and the winners, in reverse order were declared. Our display is completed and even our parents got into the topic when it came to the Key Stage 2 bake sale with cakes being decorated with trees. We can’t wait for next term to start and anticipate that the next topic will be just as popular.


Term 4 – Science

We had a great time during our most recent visit to Abingdon School Science Labs. During this visit we managed to squeeze in 3 different experiments all linked to finding out how plants get their food.
We found out that they are amazing and they make their own food by themselves! It is called photosynthesis.
Our first experiment was to find out if there is sugar in an onion, we found out that there was sugar because a chemical called Benedict’s turned from blue to orange when it is mixed with onion and put in a water bath (a very hot bath) for 5 minutes.
Secondly we discovered that leaves contained starch. We found this out by boiling a leaf and then soaking it in ethanol (very, very,  very strong alcohol) for 5 minutes, while it was in a water bath (again!). We then added 10 drops of another chemical called iodine to the flattened leaf. The leaf then turned dark blue/black!!!! This told us that there was starch in the leaf.
For our third experiment we used the microscopes to look at algae. When we looked through the microscope we could see lots of little dots on the algae. Mr Bliss, our Abingdon School science teacher, told us that these were things calls chloroplasts and this is where photosynthesis happens!
We hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos and memories we took away from our visit. We had a great time. 





We have nearly completed our CREST science Award in partnership with Abingdon School. This week the children were looking at light sources, and took part in some experiments heating different metals.


Term 5 & 6 – History of Sport

Looking forward, our topic over the Summer Term will be “The History of Sport”. If any parents/carers can offer any historical information on any sports please feel free to contact Mrs Barnett. We are hoping to have visitors from all types of sports and would welcome a few more!

Term 3 & 4 – The Rainforest

We are well and truly in the middle of our Rainforest studies, and are just beginning to arrange a fundraising café to support a locally based charity, SOS who support the protection of the Sumatran Orangutan, more details will be sent home shortly. Our working wall, located in the school corridor is full of samples of our work, it would be lovely if you could spare 5 minutes to take a look. In literacy we have been looking at a book called “The Great Kapok Tree”, which again is based on the rainforest. In maths we have been looking at capacity,  see what we got up to below.

Term 3 & 4 – The Rainforest

This term we have been looking at and learning about “The Rainforest”. It is a fascinating topic which crosses all of the curriculum. The children have been very engaged with it and are producing a “working wall” display which you are most welcome to look at, situated just outside Class 3. The children have been set a Home Project, which we hope they will enjoy doing, unfortunately budgets do not allow us to take a school trip to the tropical rainforests of Brazil but over half term you may wish to visit The Living Rainforest.

In Science we have been looking at the functions of a plant, to start with we dissected a tulip. You can see two examples of this work below.

We also really enjoyed our trip to Abingdon School’s Science Department, and are very much looking forward to returning in March for a Photosynthesis Workshop and continuing to strengthening our links with the School.


Term 1 & 2 – World War 2

This term in our topic work we have been looking at World War 2, with lots of making, including gas masks, toys and games. We have also been enjoying working with the Abingdon Science Partnership to gain our British Science Association CREST Star Science Investigator award. We thoroughly enjoyed both visiting Abingdon School and having their teachers visit us and look forward to continuing this partnership over the rest of the school year. Next term we will change our focus to “Rainforests”, may we suggest that if you are looking for a family day out over the Christmas period you consider going to “The Living Rainforest” in Newbury.