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Term 5 – Thinking Ahead – Message from Mrs Barnett

“Next term class 3’s topic will be looking at the History of British Clothing from 1066 to present. For the start of this topic it would be helpful if class 3 could come to school on Tuesday 25th April in their home clothes. But not just any home clothes, an outfit that is special to them. They will need to explain their outfit and why they chose to wear those items during the lesson.

Blenheim Palace are currently holding an exhibition entitled ‘A Passion for Fashion’. Unfortunately this exhibition is only available to see until the 23 April. If you have the opportunity to visit this exhibition over the next few weeks it would be very interesting and link in with our future topic.

I look forward to seeing your outfits.”

Term 3 –

We have all now settled into the new academic year and are working hard, but still finding time for a little fun!
In Science we set the children a challenge helping us to explore air resistance. The challenge was to make a parachute using limited materials which would safely carry a raw egg to ground. The children stepped up to the challenge and were on the whole successful, with only a few accidents!!


We have also been looking at Rocks & Fossils and as a class carried out scientific experiments on a set of six rocks to find out some of their properties.

Class 3 Weekly Timetable

Reading – The children will have a planned group reading opportunity once a week where the class teacher or assistant will hear them read and guide group discussion about the text and new vocabulary.  It is therefore, very important that you continue to support your child’s reading through sharing other books together at home.  There are guidance notes in the front of their reading record to give you advice on how to help them at home.  It is crucial that children develop a love for reading at this stage in their learning and that they have a positive and happy association with books.  If you are at all concerned about your child’s reading or motivation towards reading then please come in and speak to us.  We can offer you some different incentives and reading material to hopefully engage and encourage your child to read more.

Parent Volunteers – If anyone would like to come in and hear individual readers they would be most welcome on any afternoon from 2.30pm.  Please contact the class teachers if you are able to spare anytime.

Home learning – In class 3 the children are expected to complete a piece of written home learning per week (usually maths).  The children should spend no longer than 20-30 minutes on the task and should complete all that they can within that time.  This will be collected in on a Monday morning (Tuesday, following bank holidays) and if a child has not handed in their work by Tuesday, they will be encouraged to complete the home learning task in school time to ensure they do not miss out on the opportunity to consolidate their learning.  Please direct any queries to the form teacher or provide feedback on the home learning sheet if there are any problems.

Spellings – Additionally, your child will be expected to learn their spellings for a weekly test (usually completed on a Friday).   If you want to support your child at home, practise by saying the words in a sentence so that your child develops an understanding of the word meaning as well as how it is spelt.


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